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Dental Implant Angulated Abutments

Angulated Abutment is an innovative component designed to adjust access hole position, prosthetic screw angulation and improve cosmetics. Before the development of Angled Abutments, if screws and access holes were positioned jutting through the labial aspect of an anterior tooth, there were basically three options:
1. The double casting technique.
2. Unsightly patch marks which closed the access holes after final insertion.
3. The combination of implant supported posts securing a crown and bridge type prosthesis.

Implant Angulated Abutments

Factors in Implant Retained Prosthesis

Factors to Consider in Dental Implant Treatment

1. How does the patient feel about surgery?
2. Is the patient prepared to pay the costs involved in implant theraphy?
3. Does the patient have sufficient bone to place dental implants? Bone grafting may be required and this could be a barrier to treatment.
4. If bone grafting is required, is the patient prepared to accept this?
5. Is the patient prepared to accept the burden of maintenance associated with implant retained prosthesis?

Implant Analog for Impression