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Dental Implants in Removable Partial Denture Treatment

Implant was placed mesial to tooth number 22 (FDI Two-Digit Notation).

Incorporation of dental implants is viable and possibly cost effective treatment modality in partially edentulous patients. The advantages with incorporation of implants are as follows:

  • Improved esthetics by the elimination of visible clasp assemblies.
  • Ability to change fulcrums in the arch providing more favorable biomechanics.
  • Minimizing rotational and lateral forces on direct and indirect abutment teeth.
  • Controlled additional vertical support especially significant in partially edentulous patients with distal extensions.
  • Provide additional retention and stabilility to the prosthesis by incorporating an attachment mechanism.
  • Simplify prosthesis design and base extension.
  • Highly predictable treatment.
  • Easy to maintain depending on prosthesis design and attachment system.
  • Minimize excessive pressur and trauma to soft tissues and supporting ridge with alteration of the biomechanical forces.

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