Bicon Comprehensive Dental Implant Training Course

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bicon dental implants
Comprehensive Implantology Training Course


Course starts on February 2012

To enable general dentists to perform comprehensive implantology procedures in a multi-system approach.
To eneble general dentists to successfully integrate implant therapy in his private practice.

Actual procedures with live audio/video feed.
Basic and advanced workshops and seminars.

Class affiliation
Bicon Institutes of Boston USA

Part 1 Bicon Dental Implant System
1. Medical and dental considerations. (BP, medical history, medications currently taken.)
2. a. Contraindications.
b. Oral examination.
3. Lab evaluation and biomechanical profile.
4. Sinus lifting.
5. Bone splitting and receptor site dilation.
6. Different techniques of bone harvesting.
7. Bone grafting / membrane indications ( bone fixation screws / membrane fixation screws)
8. Patient selection.
9. Treatment plan / suggested medication /surgical stent fabrication
10. The Bicon Dental Implant

  • History
  • Advantages.
  • Armamentarium.
  • Preparation

Part II Hands-on (animal jaws)

Maximum of 30 dentists is accepted per class

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