Bone Repair in Dental Implantology

Dental Implant placement is determined by available bone present in the alveolar ridge. The bone present also determines if there is proper soft tissue contour necessary for an optimum esthetic result. Oftentimes there is insufficient bone to provide a proper foundation for the dental implants resulting to insufficiency of soft tissue contour.

Bone Graft Procedure on buccal bone plate. Photo credit: Oris Neobiotech

Autogenous grafts are usually used for the repair of alveolar bone. The most convenient site to harvest autogenous bone to repair short span bone defect is the ramus and symphysis of the mandible.

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    Any one can please tell me if we go for this much of critical problems any side effect for that Please suggest me

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    You’re doing a good job! Dental implants will become the dental treatment of choice of denture wearers.

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