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Bangkok International Symposium of Implant Dentistry

BIS 2012
Thai Association of Dental Implantology
Multidisciplinary Implant Dentistry
Solution, Synergy and Controversy

November 28 – 30 2012
Askra Theatre King Power Complex Bangkok Thailand

The Bangkok International Symposium of Implant Dentistry of BIS 2012 will hold its biggest implant symposium on November 28-30 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand. Southeast Asia is the fast growing region in terms of population, markets, education and implant services. The Symposium will address the regional demand for education, exchange of knowledge, and information about new dental implant technology and products. Hopefully this will lead to higher standards of awareness among implantologists and better overall patient care.

To make BIS2012 the biggest implant symposium of the region, they have invited many world renowned implant experts as speakers and talented practitioners in the region to give lectures in our scientific programs. Continue reading

How to do Simple and Safe Dental Implant Surgeries

Oris Neobiotech Implant Training Course
How to do Simple and Safe Dental Implant Surgeries

A prosthetically driven implant placement training module

For more info contact
Oral Implant Solutions Inc
822 9858
0917 866 8609

Oris Neobiotech Implant Training Course

Single and Multiple Dental Implant Restoration Module

Neo Biotech
Oral Implant Solutions Inc
Single and Multiple Dental Implant Restoration Module

This lecture and hands-on training course is a basic overview of restoring dental implants and is geared towards dentists who are just beginning to integrate dental implants into their practice. Acquire the skills, knowledge and confidence to restore your dental implants from intenrationally trained prosthodontists: Manolet Reyes, DMD, MSD and Errol Hernandez, DMD, MSD.

Classes start on June 20 2012. Call 822 9858 / 522 4598 for more info.

Single and Multiple Dental Implant Restoration Module

CEU Dental Implantology

Centro Escolar University Course in Dental Implantology

CEU Course in Dental Implantology (CCDI) Overview
Over 100 hours of Didactic Lectures, hands-on workshops with models & clinical sessions for 2 patients.
5 module course series – each comes complete with handouts and use of surgical & restorative instruments, equipment and practice materials during hands on.
Supervised clinical sessions in CEU Specialist Clinic with instructor.
2 Biomet 3i tapered implants & abutments with crowns provided during clinical sessions.
Certificate of completion and clinical proficiency given by CEU (Centro Escolar University) & Asia Implant Institute Singapore.
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Alpha Bio Basic Dental Implant Training

Alpha Bio: Basic Implantology Training

Alpha Bio: Basic Implantology Training
Course Venue: Unit 1602-B, West Tower, Phil Stock Exchange Center Ortigas

1-Day Workshop

  • Introduction to implant surgery and prosthetics
  • Familiarization of AlphBio Dental Implant System
  • Hands-on (models)


  • Certificate of participation
  • Course materials
  • Posters / Brochures / CD
  • Snacks and lunch

15 Days Program

  • Training from treatment planning to final restoration
  • Familiarization of AlphaBio System
  • Hands-on (models and actual patient)
  • Invitation to AlphaBio, Israel seminar fee free of charge


  • Certificate of completion
  • Patient’s surgical and restorative components
  • Course materials
  • Laboratory fee
  • Post training support
  • – posters / brochures / free usage of kit and machine
  • – updates for local and international implant symposium
  • – endorsement to Phil Implant Organizations
  • Snacks and lunch

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Bicon Comprehensive Dental Implant Training Course

PROS-APAC Orthodental

bicon dental implants
Comprehensive Implantology Training Course


Course starts on February 2012

To enable general dentists to perform comprehensive implantology procedures in a multi-system approach.
To eneble general dentists to successfully integrate implant therapy in his private practice.

Actual procedures with live audio/video feed.
Basic and advanced workshops and seminars.

Class affiliation
Bicon Institutes of Boston USA

Part 1 Bicon Dental Implant System
1. Medical and dental considerations. (BP, medical history, medications currently taken.)
2. a. Contraindications.
b. Oral examination.
3. Lab evaluation and biomechanical profile.
4. Sinus lifting.
5. Bone splitting and receptor site dilation.
6. Different techniques of bone harvesting.
7. Bone grafting / membrane indications ( bone fixation screws / membrane fixation screws)
8. Patient selection.
9. Treatment plan / suggested medication /surgical stent fabrication
10. The Bicon Dental Implant

  • History
  • Advantages.
  • Armamentarium.
  • Preparation

Part II Hands-on (animal jaws)

Maximum of 30 dentists is accepted per class

For more info contact:
PROS-APAC orthodental
Fax: +632.526.3870

Training Program on DIO Dental Implant System

DIO Dental Implants

A skill enhancement program on the foundation of dental implantology by means of profound lectures, surgical and laboratory hands-on and case presentations designed to equip the dentists to confidently place implants on their actual patients.

General Objective: At the end program, the participants are expected to be able to perform an ideal case of dental implant from diagnosis and treatment planning, surgical techniques and final restoration using the DIO dental Implant System.

Training Outline
DIagnostic Aid
Laboratory Aids
Treatment Planning
SUrgical Protocol
Soft and Hard Tissue Rehabilitation
Prosthodontic Procedures
Complications and Post Operative Procedure
Immediate Placement after Extraction
Special Lectures
Maintenance of Dental Implants

Training Methodology
Journal Report
Laboratory Exercises
Actual implant Placement on Patient
Case Presentation

For more inquiries, contact
DIO Dental Implants
Phone: 02 712 3384
02 708 4409

Basic Dental Implants Course

Basic Dental Implants Course

University of the Philippines Manila
The Health Sciences Center
Office of Continuing Education

Basic Dental Implants Course

1. Implant concepts
2. Treatment planning
3. Implant placement procedures
4. Implant restoration
5. Complications
6. Esthetics

Basic Dental Implants Course fulfills the requirement of the Professional Regulation Commission on Continuing Education Courses.

University of the Philippines College of Dentistry
Pedro Gil cor Taft Avenue

Phone: 303 3603
Limited Slots Only

Advantages of PRP

Advantages of PRP

Advantages of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in Implant Dentistry
Analogous Material as Accelerator for Reconstitution of Bone Tissue.

Mendelssohn T. Manalaysay, DMD

November 18 2011 6:00 PM
Ambassador Sala, Traders Hotel Pasay City

Dr. Claire Autencio 0917.515.4248
Dr. Leslie Arcilla 0917.592.8438