Dental Implants Cost Guide

Comprehensive information about dental implants cost.

In the United States, Dental Implants Cost normally ranges from $3,500 to $12,000 depending on several factors. Some of these factors are:
1. Number of implants necessary for the implant case.
2. How much bone is left in the patient’s upper or lower jaw.
3. Implant body or implant system to be used
4. Specialization of the dentist (standards of dentistry, dentist’s experience and level of training).
5. Location of dental office (city or country)
6. Difficulty of the case.
7. Fees charged by dental technologist/dental laboratory.

Number of Dental Implants needed for the Implant Case

The number of implant fixtures needed in an implant case depends on two factors.
1. Type of the prosthetic component. It can be:
a. removable prosthesis
b. fixed prosthesis
c. implant supported prosthesis
d. implant and tissue supported prosthesis
2. Bone quantity and quality.

Three Dental Implant fixtures for three individual crowns

Type of the prosthetic component

Two implants can support a removable prosthesis. One dental implant may hold an implant and tissue supported prosthesis. Four implants can support a fixed prosthesis replacing the six anterior teeth. If you’re after esthetics and there is enough bone to hold them, six implants can be used to hold individual crowns for the missing anteriors. One for each missing tooth.

Three implant fixtures for a four unit freestanding fixed partial denture.

Bone quantity and quality

The dental implant specialist will check if there is enough bone to hold the implants. Ideally, 2 mm of bone should exist bucally, lingually and 3 mm between implants. There should be 1.5 mm of bone between an implant and adjacent natural teeth. This space allows adequate healing and development of papilla, between implants, or the implant and adjacent teeth. If there’s not enough bone, the dentist will either reduce the number of implants to be installed or do a bone graft procedure.

The upper anterior region has less bone quality and lower bone quantity when compared to the lower anterior region. Bone quantity and quality influence success rates of the Implant Procedure. A fully implant supported prosthesis in the maxilla has a lower success rate than in the mandible due to different bone densities.

Bone Graft Procedure was done on the buccal bone plate during the first stage surgery. The graft was done because there was a thin bone area on the buccal plate. Photo credit: Oris Neobiotech

Amount of bone left in the patient’s upper or lower jaw

If there’s not enough bone to hold the implants, a bone graft is done before, during or after the first surgery. There are various types of materials for bone graft. Moreover, there are several ways to do this procedure.

Normally a bone graft done before the first surgery of the actual implant installation will require 6 months healing.

While the bone grafting during the first surgery is done if there is noticeably thin bone / or perforation on the buccal or thin bone on the lingual side of the jaw.

Oneplant Implant System is one of the most affordable implants in the market today. Oneplant design is favorable to GBR.

Implant body or implant system to be used

There are thousands of implant systems available in the market today. Some are very affordable. Some have features that will enhance bone healing. Some implant systems have unique platform that will allow minimal bone resorption. To lower the implants cost, I personally tried affordable dental implant types for a number of patients. Example of affordable brands are Leader Italia Implants, Dio Implants and Neobiotech Implants.

Specialization of the dentist (standards of dentistry, dentist’s experience and level of training)

Some dentists have 3 years training, others have 3 months. The number of years of implantology training, number of years of actual implant practice, and number of implant cases done by the dentist, are important factors that will significantly increase the total dental implants cost.

A dental implant procedure done by a general dentist costs much lower than those done by a specialist or a dental team. A general dental practitioner with 3 months training can install an implant.

Specialists are dentists who have undergone 3 years of formally structured university post graduate training program. Among specialists, Periodontists are the most qualified dentists to do an implant. They know the bone and the gum tissue very well. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are the second most qualified but some surgeons just install the implant fixtures without enough planning for the installation of prosthetic component. Prosthodontists can also install an implant. They are the most qualified to install the prosthetic component.

A Dental Team composed of several specialists (primarily by 3 specialists – peridontist, surgeon and prosthodontist) will considerably increase the final Cost of a Dental Implant Procedure.

Location of the dental office (city or country)

Dental Implant treatment done in the Philippines and other Asian countries will cost much lower than those done in the US, UK and other countries in Europe. Dental implants are quite costly in places which have a high standard of living.

Difficulty of the case

The difficulty of the case depends on the present scenario, patient and the dentist. What does the implant case require? Does the scenario require an immediate implant? Or does the patient require special maintenance (ie. like susej anoticel method) while the first surgery is being done? How difficult is the the dental implant case for the dentist or specialist?

The fabrication of a Fully implant supported Fixed Bridge with prosthetic gingiva requires special skill, high grade materials and expensive dental laboratory equipment.

Fees charged by dental technologist / dental laboratory

The fabrication of a denture supported by dental implants is not easy. It requires special training. It requires high grade materials and precision dental laboratory equipment which are, of course, expensive. For example, the fabrication of a CAD CAM milled prosthesis is understandably expensive. The price of the prosthetic component will significantly increase the total cost of dental implant treatment.

Estimated Cost of dental implant / dental implants prices abroad

Updated: October 8 2012

Conventional Single Dental Implant (without bone graft procedure)

US $3,000 – $4, 000
UK $3, 250 – – $4, 250
Australia – $4, 200 – $5, 200
Thailand – $1, 200 – $2, 000
Philippines – $1, 200 – $2, 000
Vietnam – $1, 185 – $1, 985
India – $1, 194 – $1, 994
Hungary – $1, 380 – $2, 180
Germany – $1, 275 – $2, 075
Croatia – $1,392 – $2, 192
Costa Rica – $1, 007 – $1, 907

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    • Carl Misch
    • Oct 2nd. 2012 3:13pm

    We can say that implant retained individual all ceramic dental crown is the most expensive dental implant restoration.

  1. Yes Carl Misch. You’re correct, implant retained all ceramic crowns are expensive. @Carl Misch

    • Ichida
    • Oct 4th. 2012 4:32pm

    Good photos of dental implantology. :)

  2. Thanks for positive comment.

    • Carmi clavio
    • Oct 17th. 2012 9:10pm

    which hospital or clinic in the philippines would you recommend for dental implant?

    • Ho Dean
    • Feb 17th. 2013 4:33am

    Hi. If my bone is very little, can I still have a dental implant? Is it possible? Thanks!

  3. Yes dental implant procedure can still be done to you. You will undergo bone grafting first. It is a procedure wherein bone is regenerated or added to the area. After several months or year, dental implant placement will proceed.

  4. Thanks for visiting our website.

    • Vick
    • Feb 22nd. 2013 7:26pm

    Good job about this guide. I will go to the Philippines for my dental implants.

  5. Thanks for the compliment. :)

    • charles territo
    • Mar 7th. 2013 12:50am

    i need implants soon. cost? payment plans? no dental insurance, bad credit. is ther any way to help me?

  6. That’s difficult. Dental implant procedure is a bit expensive. Search in google instead for alternative treatment.

    • Sandra McArthur
    • Jun 13th. 2013 7:03pm

    I need dentures due to a calcium deficency when my teeth were in the developing stage. I am determined to have a fixed lower with an over on top. This procedure from a dental team runs between 30,000 to 40,000. Of course everyone thinks I am crazy, but I am determined. As my week teeth have been beyond caps for a while now I have non the less refused to have them pulled and have tried to use them as much as I could. Do you think denture stablization will become more affordable in the future.

  7. Yes, I think so.

    If you can afford to go abroad, I advise you to go to Asian countries for denture stabilization. It is much cheaper than clinics in US.

    Search in Google for Asian clinics. Ask and tell them about your situation. Do a research about the clinic before going to their country.

    • Sasha
    • Aug 27th. 2013 5:08pm

    Can I wear a denture while my implant integrate with my bone?

  8. Yes. you will wear a temporary prosthesis while your implant osseointegrate.

    • Xerxes
    • May 23rd. 2014 11:42pm

    Sir, just wanna ask how much it will cost to have a dental implant in my front teeth I’ve been using dentures for 7 years and I am planning to have a dental implant. My 4 teeth in the front and 1 in molar tooth. how much it will cost here in Philippines? I’m looking forward for your response Sir. Thanks a lot.

    • Aya Gil
    • Jul 21st. 2014 4:15pm

    Hi. I am considering to have a Dental Implant surgery in the future. But, I also want to have braces. Is it alright to have braces even my teeth are just implants? Thanks.

  9. Usually around $1,650 per dental implant. If you’re in the Philippines, you can visit:

  10. The crown or the prosthetic part will be placed after your orthodontic treatment is done.

    • eva
    • Jan 22nd. 2015 3:01am

    Hi sir! I just want to ask how much it will cost to have complete dental implant? All my upper and bottom teeths are gone. I hope to hear from you sir. Thanks.

  11. Hi eva. Visit a dentist near your place. Your dentist will tell you how much it will cost you after a complete examination of your remaining bone.

    • gemmalyn e reyes
    • May 12th. 2015 8:37am

    This is very informative as I have been thinking of having dental implants. Thank you.

  12. Alright. :)

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