Dental Implant Fixture Installation

The dental implant fixture mount is attached to the fixture using the open ended wrench. The inner hexagonal surface should fit properly over the fixture head. Match the inner surface of the handpiece connector to the square top of the fixture mount and apply gentle pressure between the components.

When the apex of the fixture is threaded and no longer visible, begin irrigation. Photo credit: Oris Neobiotech

The fixture is initially installed without irrigation until the horizontal hole of the fixture has threaded into the site and is not visible. This prevents the saline from being pressed into the narrow space adjacent to the fixture. After the horizontal hole is no longer visible, begin copious irrigation.

    • Denturist
    • Jul 16th. 2011 8:16am

    Neobiotech is a Korean brand of dental implants, right?

    • Dental Implantologist
    • Jul 18th. 2011 3:36am

    A good photo of actual implant insertion.

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