Dental Implant Surgery: Two Stages

The success of a Dental Implant treatment depends on adherence to Dental Implant Surgery principles, the Prosthodontic aspect of the treatment, and proper Dental Implant Maintenance.

There are two types of Dental Implant Surgery according to number of stages; the single stage and the two stage dental implant surgery. The type of surgery may increase or decrease the dental implants cost.

2 Stage Dental Implant Surgery is composed of first stage and second stage.

The first stage surgery consists of five events.
1. Surgical incision of gingiva and mucoperiosteal flap reflection.
2. Drilling and countersinking procedures.
3. Tapping procedure.
4. Fixture installation and cover screw placement.
5. Soft tissue re-adaptation and suture procedures.

After 6 – 12 months, the second stage of implant surgery will follow . The said timeframe is needed to allow complete osseointegration of the implant fixture. If the bone quality and quantity is poor, a longer ossseointegration period is needed.

The second stage surgery consists of these events.
1. Locate of the cover screws.
2. Removal of the cover screw.
3. Abutment connection.
4. Temporization for healing.

Grafts (bone graft and soft tissue graft) can be done on both single stage surgery and two stage surgery.

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