Dental Implants in Esthetic Zone

The establishment of optimum and predictable esthetics is one of the most important and challenging aspects of rehabilitation with dental implants. Rehabiliation of esthetics has to be predictable. There is no rejection with dental implants. Only the maintenance of height of crestal bone and esthetic outcome is yet to be universally successful. While there are multifactorial factors to this, the implant abutment connection has an influence to the esthetic zone. The atrophic ridge remains to be a challenge in the placement of implants in the esthetic zone.

Dental Implants in the Esthetic Zone, or anterior maxilla.

There are factors to be considered in esthetic implant treatment:
1. pre-surgical planning.
2. site development.
3. implant positioning.
4. soft tissue management.
5. provisionalization.
6. prosthodontic management.

Prosthodontic management includes the selection of occlusal scheme for the implant supported prosthesis. Occlusal overload is a factor to crestal bone loss. Force directions and various occusal schemes will make the implant restoration successful.

Written by
Jesus Lecitona DMD

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