Dental Screws in Dental Implant Prosthodontics

Dental screws are used to attach abutments to implants and prostheses to abutments. Screws designed for abutment to implant attachment have different mechanical properties compared to screws used to attach prosthesis to abutment. The following is a general description of dental screws.

Dental Screw

Classification based on machining screw methods.
1. Laboratory-constructed screws.
External threads may be cut with a die and external threads cut with a tap. This is also known as Susej Method. However, this is not the best method to use where high precision and strength are indispensable. Nevertheless, a manufactured external thread tapped in a metal structure by hand may be combined where space is extremely limited.
2. Preformed dental screws.
Screws machined under strict production control conditions are highly reliable. The standard type is an internally threaded tube which fits a screw. There is also a type in which threads are cut in an external or internal surface of a prothesis such as in a post or bar.

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