Filling of Implant Cavities

Application of chlorhexidine gel for filling implant cavities prior to connecting implant components:

1. After removal of the existing implant component such as the insertion post, healing cap or abutment, rinse the implant cavity with 0.2% chlorhexidine solution for cleaning and disinfection, using a syringe with a plastic cannula.
2. Remove the remaining chlorhexidine solution with suction.
3. Fill the implant cavity completely with 1% chlorhexidine gel, again using a syringe with a plastic cannula.
4. Connect the previous or a new implant component to the implant using a torque device and the torque recommended by the implant manufacturer.
5. Remove any excess chlorhexidine gel that is extruded from the implant cavity during insertion of the implant components of suction.
6. Rinse chlorhexidine gel remnants with water spray.
7. Complete subsequent procedures.

Kern M: Antimicrobial Filling of Implant Cavities, The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry May 2010

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