Fully Implant Supported Denture

The use of dental implants in edentulous patients was first developed by Dr. Per Ingvar Branemark and the type of restorative treatment studied and used was the fully bone anchored denture. After implant placement, healing and subsequent denture insertion, the bone reaches a steady state. This is a balance between forces transmitted through the dentures and implants and bone remodelling capabilities.

Implant Supported Fixed Bridges. Photo credit: Dr. Stephen Almonte

Treatment planning is the most important factor for successful results and is an integral part of good communication between the periodontist and the prosthodontist.

In the maxilla, fully bone anchored denture may not obturate the space between the denture and the residual tissues which may present problems during speech. Lip support may also be not sufficient in the area of space between the denture and the tissue. Esthetics may be difficult to attain due to the amount of replacement for the missing structures.

Most of the patients nowadays prefer fully bone anchored dentures. But when alternative treatment is necessary, dentists should be certain to discuss advantages and disadvantages of each option to the patient.

Video of Implant Supported Denture

For more information on the best possible Prosthodontic and Dental Implant Treatment for your case, please consult your Dentist. “There is no online material nor website that can substitute for professional advice.”

Branemark, P-I., et al: Tissue Integrated Prostheses. Osseointegration in Clinical Dentistry. Chicago: Quintessence Publishing Co., Inc. 1985

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    Mainstream medicine tends to treat symptoms rather than address the underlying causes of diseases or conditions. Mainstream doctors generally have their dominant treatments, medicines and practices that relatively limit experimentation with individual patients. Alternative medicine tends to have more liberty to experiment and apply different treatments, and often experiment until they get results. In general, their treatments are typically very safe and often natural. (Alternative medicine practitioners often do and should earn income from their practices and products; but could it be that there is much more money in symptom management in the mainstream camps?)’

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