Health Status for Dental Implants

Health Status for Dental Implants -

Health Status for Dental Implants –

Health Scale for Dental Implants according to International Congress of Oral Implantologists

Implant Quality Scale Group Clinical Conditions
Success (optimum health) a) No pain or tenderness upon function.
b) 0 mobility
c) <2 mm radiographic bone loss from initial surgery.
d) no exudates history.
Satisfactory survival a) No pain on function.
b) 0 mobility.
c) 2-4 mm radigraphic bone loss.
d) No exudates history.
Compromised survival a) May have sensitivity.
b) No mobility.
c) Radiographic bone loss >4 mm (less than 1/2 of implant body)
d) Probing depth > 7 mm
e) May have exudates history.
Failure (clinical or absolute failure) Any of the following:
a) Pain on function.
b) Mobility.
c) Radiographic bone loss > 1/2 length of implant.
d) Uncontrolled exudate.
e) No longer in mouth.

International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Pisa, Italy Conference 2007

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