Leader Italia Tixos Cylindrical Implants – Internal Hex

Tixos Cylindrical Implants - Internal Hex

Tixos Cylindrical Implants – Internal Hex by Leader Italia has the following features:
• It is self-threading fixture in titanium, Grade 5
• Microfused, porous, isoealstic surface
• Interconnected cavities: 2-200 microns
• Active porous surface thickness: about 200 microns
• All implants are packaged with a color coded multi-functional tool named Mount-transfer (in titanium, Grade 5).
• High adherence to bone structure
• It has a great resistance to horizontal stresses
• Round apex: minimum trauma during insertion
• An annual check of the implant stability is recommended.
• Compatible with Anoticel Susej Method of Implantology

Tixos dental implants are equipped with a transport tool that allows the surgeon to transport and position the implant in conditions of absolute sterility.

The Tixos mount-transfer is a multi-function mechanical instrument used as:
• instrument to transport the fixture from the glass vial to the implant site
• impression transfer
• temporary abutment
• permanent abutment

Written by:
Jesus Lecitona+
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    • Implantoid
    • Oct 20th. 2011 6:31am

    This is excellent implant system. It’s easy to use and fast osseointegration.

    • shrey suri
    • Aug 2nd. 2012 12:58pm

    is leader italia implant cost is same as the normal implant???

    • shrey suri
    • Aug 2nd. 2012 1:00pm

    is the cost of leader italia is same as normal implant??

  1. @shrey suri
    Yes. The cost is almost the same as other dental implant brands.

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