Parts of a Branemark Dental Implant

Parts of a Branemark Dental Implant

Based on years of research and clinical use, the Branemark dental implant system showed the highest success rate. It has set the precedence for surgical techniques that result in a successful implant system.

The Branemark Dental Implant System consists of six components:
1. The implant fixture.
2. Cover screw.
3. Abutment.
4. Abutment screw.
5. Gold cylinder.
6. Gold screw.

The dental implant fixture is the component which is surgically installed into the jawbone. The cover screw is screwed into the top of of the fixture to prevent downgrowth of soft and hard tissue into the internal, threaded area. The abutment is the transmucosal component which is conneted using an abutment screw into the fixture. Gold cylinder is an integral part of the prosthetic component. It is connnected to the abutment with the gold screw.

The dental implant fixture is made of pure titanium with machined threads on the outer surface as well as the inner channel. The fixture is threaded into the jawbone using a series of surgical procedures to achieve an intimate contact between the dental implant fixture and bone. The top of the fixture has usually a hexagonal design and threads are visible in the internal channel. The apical portion is tapered and it has vertical notches.

The cover screw acts as a seal on the coronal portion of the fixture and fits into threads of the internal channel over the hexagonal shape. Cover screw is used during the healing period after first surgical procedure. It has a groove for screwdriver access and is rounded on top to help prevent damage to soft tissue. There is as depression within the groove to accomodate the punch blade.

The abutment is made of titanium in a cylnder shape. The apical portion has a recessed hexagonal shape designed to fit the coronal portion of the implant fixture.

The abutment screw inserts through the abutment and threads into the fixture to connect the two components.

The gold cylinder is made of gold, palladium and platinum. It becomes an integral part of the denture.

The gold screw connects the gold cylinder and abutment.

Typically, an implants system have four basic components (See: Parts of a Dental Implant). Other dental implant systems have added components. They develop new features for each component to simplify the implant procedure. These added features have a bearing on the final dental implants cost.

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Written by:
Jesus Lecitona+, DMD, MScD-Prosthodontics

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  1. keith goldstein

    In the US there are so few implant dentist placing external hex branemark style implants yet the study shows the success of this. If Branemark was running Nobel Biocare they would probably be in better shape having continued their focus on research rather than marketing.

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