Straumann Dental Implant Course

Straumann Dental Implant System Course is a four month program on implant dentistry designed to equip the general dentist with the knowledge and skill necessary to be able to provide dental implant treatment to his or her patients.

Part I Theoretical
Part II Clinical
1. Treatment planning and discussion of one clinical case.
2. The performance of an implant surgery done under close supervision.
3. Assisting with other clinical cases during the surgical and prosthetic phases of the treatment.
4. The design and delivery of the restoration over the integrated implant.

General Objectives
To enable general dentists to properly diagnose plan and execute a dental implant treatment.

Straumann Dental Implant System Course Specific Objectives
1. Recognize the need to include the use of dental implants as a treatment modality for that segment of the population requiring the restoration and maintenance of oral function, appearance and health.
2. Recognize the historical contributions in implant dentistry.
3. Discuss the rationale behind dental implant treatment.
4. Classify the different types of dental implants and list the various prosthetic options available for the patient.
5. Describe the maxillary and mandibular anatomical considerations and limitations in relation to implant placement.
6. Recognize the need for imaging and other diagnostic procedures for implant therapy.
7. Recognize the biofunctional, biomechanical and biotechnological aspects relevant to implants in dentistry.
8. Identify local, systemic and behavioral consitions that may influence the surgical and prosthodontic phases of treatment.
9. Discuss the indications for appropriate medical and dental referrals.
10. Identify possible implant complications and discuss their solutions.
11. Describe and perform sequential implant treatment planning.
12. Identify and describe the different steps involved in dental implant surgery.
13. Describe the different prosthodontic procedures in making implant supported restorations.
14. DIscuss the importance of periodontal maintenance of dental implants and follow up care.
15. Recognize signs and symptoms of periimplantitis and describe the management of this condition.
16. Identify and describe the different surgical and prosthetic components of the SDIS.
17. To be familiar and comfortable with the SDIS: Straumann Dental Implant System.

Dental Implant Module 1. Introduction to oral implantology.
Dental Implant Module 2. Pre-operative case analysis and treatment planning.
Dental Implant Module 3. Dental implant surgery.
Dental Implant Module 4. Implant prosthodontics.
Dental Implant Module 5. Maintenance of dental implants.
Dental Implant Module 6. Implant economics.
Dental Implant Module 7. Advanced dental implant topics.

Requirements to complete the implant course
1. Quizzes.
2. Final examination.
3. One clinical case.
– case selection
– discussion of treatment plan
– implant surgery
– implant restoration.
4. Case presentation.

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