Study Casts

In implant dentistry, study casts, a facebow transfer and occlusal registration are essential for treatment planning. The study casts are important for studying the remaining teeth and residual bone and for analyzing the maxillomandibular relationship. The mounted casts can be helpful to the surgeon for implant fixture placement. Angle Class II and Class III situations are more easily evaluated from a centric relation record on the articulator. The directions for mandibular fixture placement can be estimated. In the Angle Class II or III situation, the fixture is situation, the fixture is angled toward the maxillary teeth or risidual ridge. This helps prevent prosthetic problem when fabricating the denture for proper esthetics and function.

A diagnostic wax up can also be done on the study casts or their duplicate. Proposed fixture installation sites can be checked on the study casts for proper alignment, direction, location and relation to the remaining teeth. Diagnostic wax up helps to determine the esthetic placement of teeth and potential functional speech disturbances.

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