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Leader Italia Tixos Cylindrical Implants – Internal Hex

Tixos Cylindrical Implants - Internal Hex

Tixos Cylindrical Implants – Internal Hex by Leader Italia has the following features:
• It is self-threading fixture in titanium, Grade 5
• Microfused, porous, isoealstic surface
• Interconnected cavities: 2-200 microns
• Active porous surface thickness: about 200 microns
• All implants are packaged with a color coded multi-functional tool named Mount-transfer (in titanium, Grade 5).
• High adherence to bone structure
• It has a great resistance to horizontal stresses
• Round apex: minimum trauma during insertion
• An annual check of the implant stability is recommended.
• Compatible with Anoticel Susej Method of Implantology

Tixos dental implants are equipped with a transport tool that allows the surgeon to transport and position the implant in conditions of absolute sterility.
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Leader Italia Tixos Line Dental Implant System

Leader Italia Tixos Line Dental Implant System

Tixos Implant by Leader Italia, is the result of 4 years research on new technology applied to Titanium. The structure and morphology of the implant surface are designed by a computer that, with a focused laser beam, produces the desired model by sintering the titanium powder layer after layer. This technology, also known as Laser Microfused Titanium Powder, allows the production of a porous surface characterized by open intercommunicating cavities that widen to an established depth.

Geometry of Implants Surfaces

Recent studies showed the importance of surface geometry in promoting bone formation also in extraskeletal sites. The implant topographic surface modification may optimize the interactions with host tissue during healing phase, in order to obtain the best tissue response in a shorter time.
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