Tilite Prosthesis in Dental Implantology

Black gums and Allergic Inflammation of gums

This really is frequently triggered by low quality alloy. Lesser quality alloys frequently contain non-refined metallic elements which yield toxic substances throughout formulation. These non-refined metallic elements contain lead, cadmium, iron, mercury along with other undesirable elements.

Porcelain fused to tilite metal fixed partial denture.

Clinical signs reveal that black gums and teeth without treatment in excess of 180 days will need additional periodontal remedies just before alternative with Tilite

Porcelain is much like glass as well as for strength from the restoration, it requires a basis of base metal.

Medically pure 99.99% Tilite Ceramic Alloys with titanium. These aloys have a similar qualifications as artificial heart valves joint implants and bone splints. Tilite alloys are biocompatible with living tissue and may be used with implants.

College tests reveal that Talladium’s Tilite Ceramic Alloys are Superior.

Tilite Features and benefits

Natural Looking

Tilite crowns and bridges can revitalize your smile providing you with a sense of wellness and self-confidence. you won’t have the ability to differentiate between your natural teeth and Tilite Crowns and Bridges. If this involves your teeth demand the bestis Tilite. Tilite reflects light same an all natural tooth reflects light. This is fantastic for patients who’ve their teeth whiten.

Health (biocompatibility)

Tilite is medically pure with similar qualifications, as artificial heart valves, joint implants and bone splints. Its biocompatibility with living tissue has been shown by college studies and may be used with implants. Tilite have been shown to be safer much better than gold alloys.

Reduces Bacteria and Plaque (biocompatibility)

Bacteria within the mouth can lead to periodontal disease and plaque. Tilite can help to eliminate the accumulation of dangerous bacteria atthe gumline by 90% in comparison to natural tooth structure.

Strength (Compressive strength)

Tilite crowns and bridges were proven by college studies to become extremely resilient and strong yet very lightweight. The exceptional physical qualities from the advanced formula with titanium was based on the aero space industry.

Due to the medical purity (99.99%), Tilite alloys may be used with Implants. Tilite with titanium cylinder, machined used instead of a gold abutment.

The dynamic pillar is really a new idea. The prosthesis is bound (screwed) in position. the right position from the implant is solved in just one phase, saving cost & time

Albretsson T, Zarb G, Worthington P, Eriksson A: The long term efficacy of currently used implants. A review and proposed criteria of success. Int J of Oral Maxillofac Imp, 1:11-25, 1986

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